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Baby Cafe USA®

**Partners are not expected to begin this process without assistance and resources from the BFREE Team

Baby Cafe USA ® is a non-profit national organization devoted to increasing access to breastfeeding support through free groups led by trained lactation professionals. Baby Cafes offer opportunities to share experiences, to make friends, and to receive free breastfeeding education from professionals.   

If you are interested in setting up your own Baby Cafe, the BFREE Team is ready to assist and to provide more information!  


On the Baby Cafe USA ® website, you will find useful information including: 

  • Guidelines for Completing the Application 

  • Child Safety Policy 

  • Diversity Policy 

  • Ethical Policy 

  • Feedback Policy 

  • License Agreement 

  • Staffing Guidelines


Please visit the Baby Cafe USA ® website for more information: 


For more information on how to attend one of our virtual Baby Cafes, please click here!

Additional Resources

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