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Community Spaces

Community and public spaces can be recognized for being lactation friendly by the BFREE Team at Northwell Health. By fostering a breastfeeding/chestfeeding friendly environment for community members, you are helping support parents and making them feel welcome! 

**Partners are not expected to begin this process without assistance and resources from the BFREE Team

Steps to Support:

  1. Provide a Private Space. The space must not be a bathroom and should be free from intrusion. Nursing parents in these spaces should also have access to an electrical outlet and running water. 

  2. Provide education to work staff. Keep all employees up-to-date on the lactation friendly policies that your organization supports. Distribute or make available breast/chestfeeding information and resources at the site for interested community members.

  3. Provide support. A positive, accepting attitude from colleagues helps parents build confidence in their ability to continue breast/chestfeeding!

For additional guidance, this self-assessment was developed to help guide and assist community spaces in improving their breastfeeding policies and procedures.

Catholic Charities of Long Island WIC Program

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