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This issue discusses the use and benefits of human donor milk, highlighting milk banks and the breastfeeding experiences of parents who receive donor milk.

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This issue focuses on the breastfeeding experiences of working parents and the new NY legislation that went into effect June of 2023 for nursing parents.

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This issue highlights the breastfeeding experiences of young mothers/parents, who face added barriers in finding breastfeeding support.

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This issue highlights the progress we have made to date with the "Creating Breastfeeding Friendly Communities" Grant and take a moment to thank the groups, partners, and collaborators we have worked with.

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This issue focuses on breastfeeding experiences of parents who have children born with congenital disorders, such as cleft lip and palate as well as tongue-tie (ankyloglossia).

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This issue focuses on gender-inclusive language in the context of breastfeeding.

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This issue focuses on breastfeeding among mothers with breast cancer.

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This issue focuses on breastfeeding among mothers battling addictions and those who are in drug recovery.

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This issue focuses on breastfeeding among incarcerated mothers.

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This issue focuses on breastfeeding among mothers with disabilities, particularly those in the Deaf community. 

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This issue focuses on breastfeeding in the Latinx community and the barriers that lead to decreased exclusivity and duration of breastfeeding. ¡Por la primera vez, lea nuestro boletín en español aquí!

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This issue focuses on homelessness and breastfeeding in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and increasing economic insecurity. 

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This issue focuses on how lactation professionals and community members can work to better support Black women throughout their breastfeeding journeys. 


This issue focuses on telehealth lactation services and how COVID-19 has impacted breastfeeding for mothers. 


This issue focuses on the impact of COVID-19 on breastfeeding and the unique barriers and challenges that immigrant families face when trying to breastfeed. 


This issue focuses on the triumphs and struggles of breastfeeding multiples. 

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This issue focuses on racial disparities in breastfeeding: highlights include personal experiences with breastfeeding, and the impacts of cultural assimilation on different rates of breastfeeding. 

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This issue focuses on the topic of human milk donations and highlights two new multilingual Baby Cafés that our team helped open in Southampton and Brentwood. 

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This issue focuses on information and experiences surrounding perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs). 

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This issue focuses on breastfeeding in public, share tips and resources for moms, and cover common concerns held by breastfeeding mothers, including smoking and the consumption of alcohol and mercury while nursing. 

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This issue focuses on the intersections of breastfeeding and breast cancer, as well as breastfeeding and disabilities. 

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This issue focuses on breastfeeding resources that are specific to diverse populations and discuss how breastfeeding advocates can support the specific needs of the LGBTQ+ population. 

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This issue covers a wide breadth of topics, ranging from evidence-based breastfeeding advice to reflection pieces written by breastfeeding moms.

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This issue focuses on ideas for identifying and providing breastfeeding support. 

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This issue focuses on providing tips for expecting and breastfeeding mothers to protect against the seasonal flu, and celebrates the exciting launch of the Baby Café at Southside Hospital. 

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In our inaugural issue, we discuss our grant and our hopes for promoting breastfeeding in our four highlighted communities and beyond. 

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