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Letter From the Editor


Thank you for collaborating with us on this important initiative to promote maternal and child health. As breastfeeding is such a critical preventive health measure, we are thrilled to be working together in support of mothers achieving their breastfeeding goals.

The purpose of this quarterly e-Newsletter is to broadly share our ongoing work. In each issue, we will feature editorials from breastfeeding and pediatric experts, success stories from our partners, testimonials from breastfeeding mothers, and upcoming events or announcements of interest. We hope that this e-Newsletter will help our coalition stay connected and be up-to-date on each other’s accomplishments and progress.

Since our 5-year NYSDOH grant launched on February 1, we have been identifying and connecting with individual clinical practices, work sites, child care centers, and community organizations (list of first year implementation sites on page 4). We have been encouraged by the excitement and engagement and are most grateful for everyone’s ideas and feedback. This effort would not be possible without your many contributions.

Thank you for reading the BFREE e-Newsletter. We appreciate your enthusiasm for breastfeeding and dedication! Your thoughts, questions, suggestions and success stories are always welcome. Email them to us anytime at

Henry H. Bernstein, DO, MHCM, FAAP

Principal Investigator

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